Best Hulu Alternatives in UK [Updated Jan. 2022]

Last updated: January 4, 2022

Hulu UK Alternative

Hulu is an excellent platform for watching TV shows and movies but it is blocked outside the United States. However, if you need to access Hulu in the UK or from anywhere, you need a VPN service.

Apart from Hulu, it is not the alone service for video streaming fans. There are many Hulu alternatives in the UK that will keep you entertained every day and night.

Certainly, changing your streaming service creates a unique watch list. Further, sometimes you need different content than a single streaming service.

Steps to Unblock Hulu in the UK

Hulu fans who are living in the UK or another region can unblock Hulu from anywhere by applying the simple four steps process given below.

  1. Get the Hulu working VPN like “ExpressVPN”
  2. Download a needed VPN app
  3. Connect to the United States server
  4. Visit Hulu and enjoy Hulu in the UK or anywhere!

ExpressVPN unblocking Hulu outside the US

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Moreover, viewers can watch their favorite videos on all smart devices like Android, iPhone, iPadApple TV, firestick, and others,

Best 3 Hulu Alternatives in the UK

If you are bored of watching Hulu in the UK and need something unique with exhaustive content then consider watching the following best Hulu alternatives in UK.

1. Netflix

Netflix is ​​a streaming giant that offers different libraries in each country. However, if you are using a stable VPN, then you can access tons of content on different Netflix versions in your region.

It offers a wide range of content across various genres and categories with a top-rated selection of movies and TV shows. Further, most of Netflix’s original productions are worth watching.

2. BritBox

BritBox describes the British broadcasting service – introduced as a partnership between the BBC and ITV to provide some competition for Netflix, Hulu, and other services to provide home entertainment for decades of old British TV.

If you like an old series that you won’t find anywhere else, BritBox might be a good solution for you – that could mean a Doctor Who runs, or it could be a recent success like Downton Abbey and Broadchurch.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon introduced a fast-paced video streaming service in 2006 intending to compete with Netflix and Hulu in the streaming industry.

The service includes a top collection of movies, TV shows, and a series of free downloads, everything from new to old content, all available at the click of a button.

With Amazon Video, you can also rent new releases for a small fee, such as Apple TV or Google Play rentals. On the contrary, free movies are limited to Amazon Prime members, which is unfortunate.

In case, if you can get this extra benefit, it makes an impressive instant video viewing service and a solid alternative to Hulu streaming.

Hulu UK Alternative: FAQs

Viewers staying in the United Kingdom have great streaming alternatives to Hulu which are mentioned in the above guide. You might be having some more questions with respect to streaming alternatives.

Here are some additional questions and responses for you in 2022.

💭Can You Watch Hulu in the UK?

Hulu is a US-based service but is officially available only in the United States territories. However, you can still watch its entire library in the UK by using a stable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

📍Are there any other great Hulu alternatives in UK?

Yes, if you need some more streaming choices then the following are some additional binge-worthy services to enjoy in the United Kingdom.

  1. Disney+
  2. Sling TV
  3. Sky Go
  4. Pluto. TV
  5. Crunchy Roll
  6. Now TV

💳Is Hulu Free with Amazon Prime Video in the UK?

No, Hulu is not a free service with the Amazon Prime platform. Hulu is owned by Disney, a rival close to Amazon in the video streaming market. However, you can set up a Hulu account and view content on Amazon Fire TV products.

Wrapping Up

Hulu is accessible in the UK if you use a capable VPN. However, if you are on the lookout for Hulu alternatives in the UK then Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, BritBox, Sling TV, Now TV, Crunch Roll, are the best choices in 2021.



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