How to Sign Up for Hulu UK without a Credit Card?

Last updated: October 1, 2021

How to Sign up Hulu in the UK

If you are on the lookout for “How to Sign up for Hulu in the UK with a credit card,” you will learn an updated method in this guide right now in 2021.

Here, we will explain how to unblock Hulu from anywhere. Hulu is one of the most demanding streaming services globally, but sadly it is only available in the United States.

However, we should be thankful for the advanced security tools that helped us unblock streaming content on platforms like Hulu from anywhere, just like the UK.

Apart from this, if you are still exploring how to watch Hulu videos in the UK, you will need a compatible VPN to bypass its regional restrictions.

How to Sign up for Hulu service in the UK?

Hulu is a true love for millions of viewers because they achieve distinctive and refreshing entertainment on this platform.

However, to stream the entire Hulu library, you need to get its membership by paying a suitable monthly fee. The service provider requires a US credit card on Signing up to protect rights of content distribution.

This means, if you do not have a US credit card, you cannot purchase a subscription.? This appears to indicate your only option is to open a bank account in the US.

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen or not. If you are residing somewhere in the UK or travel outside the US, you can easily access this streaming site through an effective technique.

Techniques to Sign up Hulu Without US Credit Card

The following strategies are tested and work well for subscribing to a suitable Hulu plan in 2021.

1. Subscribe to a Stable Hulu-VPN

Using a Hulu-VPN connection is one of the perfect solutions to get you quick access to all Hulu TV shows and movies like “The Great, Shrill, Family Man,” outside the United States.

Hulu Unblocking Steps in the UK

This is an extremely simple plug-and-play process. Consider applying the following steps to open the Hulu library in countries like the UK.

  1. Get a stable Hulu-VPN service like “ExpressVPN
  2. Download a relevant VPN application
  3. Connect to a United States server location
  4. Open Hulu and start streaming your favorite content!

How to Sign up for Hulu in UK

Hulu in UK with ExpressVPN30-Days Money-back Guarantee

2. Sign up with Hulu Gift Cards

It is one of the common methods to Sign up for Hulu in the UK by using Hulu gift cards. Follow the process given below for paying Hulu membership fee without a US credit card:

1. Visit this website and choose the $ 25 or $ 50 Hulu Card option

2. Finish the purchase and wait for the email (You should get the code within a few minutes)

3. Once you have received a gift card from them, go to and enter the code you received via email

4. When you enter the code, then hit Apply

5. Create a Hulu account without linking a credit card to that account

6. Sign in to Hulu on all devices connected to playmoTV and start enjoying all Hulu shows and movies

3. Pay Hulu Membership Fee with US iTunes

UK people can also sign up for Hulu on an iOS or Apple TV device if they use an iTunes account because gift cards support that account.

Besides this, if you pay via iTunes Hulu gift cards ($ 13.99 via iTunes, but $ 11.99 on The little extra cost you have to bear for Signing up Hulu account from the UK.

Once you are done with the Sign-up process using the above techniques you can binge-watch on the Hulu site using a VPN connection while staying anywhere in this universe.

How much does Hulu charge to get its membership?

Here is a summary of Hulu membership plans for everyone to review and choose as per one’s own requirements and affordability in 2021.

The service provider offers four plans for interested viewers:

|First plan: Hulu @ $5.99/mo | Second Plan: Hulu No Ads @$11.99/mo | Third Plan: Hulu + Live TV @ $64.99/mo | Fourth Plan: Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV @ $70.99/mo|

Costing $ 5.99 per month to sign up is a great deal to move on. The platform offers one of the lowest access points to its in-depth VoD (Video-On-Demand) content library with full access to its programs.

If anyone wants Live TV too, then get access to over 75+ Live Television Channels for $ 64.99 a month, including CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, NBC, etc.

Sign Up for Hulu in the UK: FAQs

When it comes to figuring out how to Signup Hulu in the UK, you may find yourself asking questions. Below are answers to common queries:

💭Is Hulu’s Free-trial still exist in 2021?

This is one of the attractive offers from Hulu owners. Its free trial is still open for a period of 30-days for the newcomers and the fortunate news is that you can avail yourself of Hulu + Live TV free trial f0r 7 days.

  📍What does the 5.99 Hulu system include?

Hulu Basic is one of the cheapest streaming platforms to subscribe to. The service costs $ 5.99 per month and offers ad-supported access to the entire Hulu library.

Besides this, if you don’t want ads, then simply upgrade to a Hulu-free version for $ 11.99 a month.

  💳How do I get Hulu for free?

If you have never signed up for Hulu before. Just open the Hulu site and sign up for one of Hulu’s free trial offers to start streaming now.


Despite Hulu having launched its services only in the United States, anyone can still access the entire Hulu content. All they need is a VPN service and connect one of its servers to the US region. Moreover, if you are wondering how to sign up for Hulu without a US credit card in the UK then read the above guide.



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