How to subscribe for Hulu using Hulu gift card? [Updated Oct. 2021]

Last updated: October 1, 2021

Hulu gift card

If you are like the millions of Americans who are cord-cutters, you may have signed up for Hulu as it is one of the top streaming choices for watching TV shows and movies.

However, if you live in a country where Hulu is inaccessible, use a VPN service to unblock the entire Hulu library by applying the following steps.

  1. Sign Up for a stable VPN like ExpressVPN
  2. Use VPN app after downloading
  3. Connect your VPN server in the “United States”
  4. Launch Hulu and start watching!

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Method to pay for a Hulu subscription using the Hulu gift card

It is one of the disruptive methods to subscribe for Hulu streaming anywhere in the world using a Hulu gift card.  You can consider the step-by-step process described below for paying Hulu plan without a US credit card:

  1. Visit the official site of Hulu Gift card retailers like Amazon
  2. Choose a suitable Hulu gift card for $25, $50, $100, and other Hulu gift card options
  3. Complete the checkout process
  4. You will get the “12-digit code” or electronic Hulu gift card within a few minutes through email
  5. Launch “” and enter the 12-digit code you received via email or available at the back of the Hulu card
  6. Hit on the “Apply” tab
  7. Create a Hulu account without linking a credit card to that account
  8. Sign in to Hulu and start enjoying all Hulu shows and movies

Finally, make sure the Hulu gift card amount must meet the value of your Hulu plan.

Why use a Hulu Gift Card?

Hulu gift card is a unique present that you can give to your family and friends. If you have loved ones who like video streaming for quality TV shows and movies, this will be their most precious gift.

A person who has a Hulu gift card can Sign Up for Hulu from anywhere without having a US credit card. The Hulu gift card will contain a “12-digit code” that can be in the form of a print or electronic voucher.

Therefore; you can pay for your Hulu subscription if you have a Hulu card or you can gift it to someone in your family or friends circle with a unique surprise.

Hulu Packages You Would like to Know

If you are pretty sure that your family member or friend does not subscribe to a Hulu service. You now need to decide how much you will spend on the gift card. Hulu offers customers many different choices with the best content.

Hulu has different subscriptions. The “Basic Hulu” plan is $5.99 per month. This means that one year of access to Hulu will cost $71.88. Remember that Hulu’s basic program includes ads.

To view Hulu content without ads, you need to purchase the “Premium plan” at $11.99 per month. One year Hulu’s premium plan costs $143.88.

Hulu has two other premium plans for the Hulu + Live TV streaming. This gives users access to all content in Hulu and access to at least 75 other top video channels, and channels vary by location.

The plan is $54.99 per month or $ 659.88 per year. Finally, the ad-free version of Hulu + Live TV is $ 60.99 per month, and the annual cost is $731.88. You should also read about amazing Hulu bundles and their add-ons.

How to purchase a Hulu Gift Card?

Hulu gift cards can be purchased from various online sellers like mygiftcardsupply, amazon, and others. It can also be purchased in-store if someone is dealing in it near to your location.

There is a 12-digit code available on the back of the gift card. You need to make sure it is unscratched so it can be used appropriately.

Additionally; you should also learn about Hulu tips and tricks to get the most out of the Hulu streaming for creating a unique entertainment experience.

Hulu Gift Card: FAQs

Here are some additional questions and answers for you regarding Hulu gift cards.

💭Can you pay for a Hulu subscription with a gift card?

Yes, new and existing subscribers can redeem gift cards by visiting the link and entering the “12-digit” redemption code.

📍Can you pay for your family/friends for a whole year for a Hulu subscription?

Yes, you can pay your loved one for the whole year if your friend or a family member has no other access to Hulu content. You should purchase a Hulu gift card for one year and give them a surprise for excellent entertainment.

💳How does the recipient use the Hulu gift card?

Once the recipient has a Hulu account, they can visit the “Payment Information” section. There, the subscriber will find a box “Gift or promotional code.” Here, you can enter a “12-digit number” printed or on the back of the gift card.

Wrapping Up

A Hulu gift card can be the most precious gift especially when your family, friend, or a loved one has a favorite show or movie available on the Hulu library.

However; if you do not have access to Hulu in your country; use the best VPN service to get guaranteed access anywhere in the world.

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