Hulu UK vs. HBO Max – Which is better streaming choice in 2021?

Last updated: December 1, 2021

Hulu vs HBO Max

Streaming online videos are more popular than ever and show no signs of slowing down because we have a wide range of choices such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and many others.

Hulu UK vs. HBO Max, both are binge-worthy services in 2021. However; if you are wondering how to watch Hulu in the UK; consider the simple four steps described below:

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Hulu vs. HBO Max Compared – Which is better?

It is unlikely that a single streaming service will meet all of your entertainment requirements, and you may have signed up for multiple services.

Therefore, we are picking the two services Hulu and HBO Max, and comparing them right now. Both are binge-worthy choices buy streaming needs vary from person to person.

1. Hulu – Best Choice for reluctant Cord Cutters

Hulu is a top-notch streaming choice for watching award-winning TV shows, excellent movies, and unforgettable original productions.

It also offers Hulu + Live TV streaming that provides access to more than 75 channels like CBS, FOX, CNN, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, HGTV, ESPN, Animal Planet, Tru TV, and many others.

Hulu has a dedicated Android and iOS app. It is compatible with all major streaming devices like smartphones, iPhone, Smart TVs, Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV, and others.

Hulu Pricing

You can watch the entire Hulu library on each subscription plan that offers unlimited TV shows and movies. However; the following are subscription options for Hulu streaming.

Basic Membership – Cost @$ 5.99/month with 2 screens streaming at the same time (Ad-based content with unlimited TV shows/movies)

Premium Membership – Cost @ 11.99/month with 2 screens streaming simultaneously (Ad-free content with unlimited TV shows/movies)

Hulu + Live TV Streaming with Ads – Cost @ $64.99/month (Access to entire Hulu library + Access to over 75 best live streaming channels)

Hulu + Live TV Streaming Ad-Free Content – Cost @ $70.99/month (Unlimited TV Shows/Movies + Access to over 75 best live streaming channels with 50 hours cloud-based DVR storage)

Moreover; Hulu also offers some amazing bundle deals and add-ons combined in a one discounted package for accessing other top streaming services.

2. HBO Max – Best for Classic and New Movies

HBO Max has an organized app full of popular TV shows and movies. It has the entire HBO catalog, as well as favorites, such as “An American Pickle, Birds of Prey,” making it a solid collection for adults and children.

The HBO Max started hard, with missing essential features like 4K HDR, mobile downloads or Roku apps, or Amazon Fire TV.

But it realized started to get it over time. The major releases such as the 2021 Warner Bros, Theatrical slate, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League broadcasted in 4K HDR.

A mobile app that allows downloads and applications to be finally available on all major TV platforms. The provider improved its service but it is still behind the top demanding sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Also, the “Max Originals” needs improvement to match the success of the latest hits of Hulu like “The Handmaid’s Tale, Shrill, Pen 15, Harlots, The Mindy Project, Catch 22,” and many others.

Further, it is integrating AT & T’s, WarnerMedia’s vast content empire – HBO, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, DC Entertainment, TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, The CW, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim, Ghibli studio.

HBO Max Pricing

HBO Max is an expensive choice than its competitors. The price of the HBO Max is at the highest level of the spectrum, at $15 per month.

However, the app now offers a cheaper tier – the HBO Max with ads for $10 a month but the downside is, you’ll have to pay a full $15 to get those new movies on the same day as theaters.

Hulu vs. HBO Max: FAQs

The increasing competition in the streaming industry is creating healthy competition and generating good awareness among the viewers.

Here are the additional questions with answers relevant to Hulu vs. HBO Max.

💭Is Hulu better than the HBO Max?

Hulu is one of the most demanding services in the world. It has award-winning TV shows and movies and combines great bundles and add-ons in one service.

On the contrary, HBO Max is relatively a new service and costs higher than Hulu because if you subscribe to Hulu $5.99 package; you can access unlimited TV shows and movies.

📍Why can’t I watch the HBO Max on Hulu?

You can’t watch HBO Max on Hulu; it’s true. Instead, you must download the HBO Max app, which is a different application from Hulu. So there is no way to watch HBO Max without using a different streaming device.

💳What are the best streaming alternatives to Hulu and HBO Max?

Here are the best alternatives that fit all streaming needs in 2021.

  • Netflix
  • Youtube TV
  • Disney +
  • BritBox
  • Crunchyroll

Wrapping Up

Hulu is a top recommended choice if you are thinking to choose between Hulu vs. HBO Max. However; if you are living outside the U.S. boundaries; use a VPN for guaranteed access.

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