Hulu UK vs. Prime Video – Best Streaming Services in 2021

Last updated: December 1, 2021

Hulu vs Prime Video

Hulu UK vs. Prime Video, both are the top streaming choices in 2021 for viewing online video content. However; if you don’t know how to watch Hulu in the UK; consider applying the below steps.

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Top Cord Cutting Services – Hulu vs. Prime Video Compared

If you are a cord cutter or want to save a great amount of money then Hulu and Prime Video are some of the best streaming alternatives to provide binge-worthy content.

Let’s compare these two in more detail:

1. Hulu UK – Top Streaming Choice

Hulu is an American subscription video service that is fully owned and operated by The Walt Disney company. Hulu and Disney +, and ESPN + are the three largest Disney broadcast platforms in the United States.

Hulu offers outstanding TV shows like “Shrill, Into the Dark, Love Victor, Everything Gonna be Okay, Pen 15, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and many others.

It is also an excellent source for watching great movies like “Dear White People, Support the Girls, Grandma, The Biggest Little Farm,” and many others.

Moreover, Hulu originals are among the most demanding videos in many international communities like “A Teacher, The Mindy Project, Slumdog Millionaire, The Nice Guys,” and many more.

Hulu UK Subscription

Here are Hulu subscription plans:

Basic Membership – Cost @$ 5.99/month with 2 screens streaming at the same time (Ad-based content with unlimited TV shows/movies)

Premium Membership – Cost @ 11.99/month with 2 screens streaming simultaneously (Ad-free content with unlimited TV shows/movies)

Hulu + Live TV Streaming with Ads – Cost @ $64.99/month (Access to entire Hulu library + Access to over 75 best live streaming channels)

Hulu + Live TV Streaming Ad-Free Content – Cost @ $70.99/month (Unlimited TV Shows/Movies + Access to over 75 best live streaming channels with 50 hours cloud-based DVR storage)

Moreover; Hulu also offers some amazing bundle deals and add-ons combined in a one discounted package for accessing other top streaming services.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon launched a fast video streaming service in 2006, intending to compete with Netflix and Hulu. This service includes an extensive collection of movies and TV shows.

It also provides and a series of free downloads, all from new to old, all available at the click of a button. All you need is to select your favorite TV shows or movies.

With Amazon Video, you can also rent new releases for a small fee, such as Apple TV or Google Play rentals. In contrast, free movies are limited to members of Amazon Prime, which is unfortunate.

Further, Prime video has a good collection of original productions that is generating a huge fan following across the world.

Prime Video Subscription

Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99 per month. A full Amazon Prime subscription that also includes free shipping, music, ebooks, and more costs $12.99 per month or $119 if paid annually that breaks down to $9.92 per month.

Hulu UK vs. Prime Video

The cord-cutters have cost-effective streaming choices offering the best video content for watching TV shows, movies, and original productions.

Here are some additional questions with answers relevant to Hulu UK vs. Prime Video:

📍Is Hulu the same as Amazon Prime?

Hulu plays limited ads between shows and movies and includes a new selection of movies and TV show episodes than its competitors. Hulu also offers Live TV streaming with 75 + top channels and has some amazing bundle offers.

Amazon Prime offers non-commercial TV shows and movies. In addition, free shipping and special discounts and sales on are included with membership.

💭What are the other best streaming choices?

Apart from Hulu and Amazon Prime Video; you can consider the following best alternatives for viewing online video content.

  • Netflix
  • Britbox
  • HBO
  • Disney+
  • Sling TV

💳Is Hulu free with Amazon Prime?

The straight answer to this is a big “No”. Both are separate video distributing services, if you like to avail of one or both, choose a suitable subscription plan.