Can I Watch Hulu in the UK using a NordVPN? [Dec. 2021]

Last updated: December 1, 2021

NordVPN Hulu

Hulu is one of the most attractive streaming sites to offer award-winning TV shows and impressive movies to see online.

However, if you are exploring “Hulu in the UK with NordVPN,” the answer is an absolute yes! Due to the licensed videos and copyright matters by the content producers, Hulu is only accessible in the United States.

NordVPN is a capable service with a strong ability to circumvent the Hulu regional restrictions with its high-end features and cover-up techniques.

Please follow the instructions in this guide to unblocking Hulu with NordVPN without any problems or streaming errors in 2021.

Best Plan: $3.29/month on a 2-Year Plan
Max Servers: 5,400+ in 59 Countries
Simultaneous Connections: 6 Devices
Supported Resolution: Ultra HD
Streaming Speed: 95.5Mbps
Encryption Method: AES-256-CBC
Other Platforms: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, Disney+

Why do You need a VPN for Hulu?

Hulu has all the power to attract its fans and engage them in binge-watching. However, in spite of the huge demand all over the world, Hulu’s content is officially available only in the United States.

So, if you are attempting to stream to Hulu from the UK, you will receive an error message on the Hulu site. Hulu will refuse to give you access to its streaming content.

This is where the VPN comes into action. It is a powerful software that unblocks all the videos which are regionally locked, just like Hulu.

It does so without compromising on your privacy in an online environment so that your online activities remain anonymous and you are in safe, secure, malware-free, and virus-free surroundings.

Hulu Regional streaming Error

Why Use NordVPN to Unblock Hulu? 

NordVPN is the best VPN that is able to cope up with Hulu geo-restrictions. NordVPN has advanced technologies and the next-generation software, providing a secure, encrypted tunnel in order to access Hulu’s content.

It has more than 5500 sophisticated servers across the world with the camouflage to make your online connection entirely secure.

However, it creates solid networking in America with over 1800 servers in different US locations. It is ensuring the fastest, uninterrupted access to Hulu, with no bandwidth limits.

In addition, NordVPN is a strong believer in the no-logs policy. It was twice approved by an independent Swiss-based company, PwC, in order to ensure maximum anonymity!

Also, NordVPN for Hulu is a great choice if you like torrenting and other top streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

NordVPN Unblocks Hulu in UK

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How to Unblock Hulu in the UK with NordVPN

NordVPN maintains a strong network of coverage with its 1800+ American servers that are enough to unblock Hulu in the UK. It offers a 7-day free trial for iOS and Android devices, making it a risk-free service.

The provider unblocks Hulu easily via a 3-steps process. Follow the below steps, and enjoy your Hulu time!

Step #1: Signup for NordVPN

To sign-up for a NordVPN service, you need to choose a suitable subscription plan by visiting its official site. If you still have some confusion regarding its performance on Hulu and other VOD streaming services? 

You can take your money back within the 30-days as per NordVPN policy, if not satisfied.! You can jump over to subscribing to it now at a price of $ 4.13 on a 2-year plan.

NordVPN pricing

Step #2: Select the American server in NordVPN App

At first, download and install a relevant NordVPN app on your device like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Secondly, you simply need to connect to a US-based server from the servers’ list of NordVPN using its VPN app. 

Choose the server and then check your IP address here to ensure there are no WebRTC/DNS/IP address leaks. Currently, Hulu is working best with these “#3288, #3097, #3325, #2496, #3213” servers. 

American Servers of NordVPN

Step #3: Open Hulu and Start Watching Hulu Videos!

Once you are connected to an American server using a NordVPN connection, you can open Hulu to enjoy all of your favorite TV shows and movies in the UK because its library is accessible to you.

NordVPN Unblocks Monsterland on Hulu

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Other Advantages of the Use of NordVPN

If you are using a NordVPN connection to unblock video streaming content, you don’t have to worry about the options.

The whole Hulu library, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, is under your control if you want to access regionally locked videos.

Further, you can also unblock social sites from countries like the United Kingdom or another. The service comes with many other benefits including industry-standard grade AES-256-bit encryption to ensure the protection of its users.

You can also take advantage of the DoubleVPN, Onion over VPN, and, in turn, NordLynx based on the WireGuard® protocol.

NordVPN allows you to stream from 6 different devices at the same time. This means that you are able to unblock Hulu on all your devices like iPhone, iPad, PS4, Roku, PCs, and others.

NordVPN for Hulu: FAQs

Here are some more questions with responses for you in 2021.

❔Is Hulu available in the UK?

No, Hulu has officially launched its service only in the United States. However, the Hulu library can be accessible in the UK if you use a capable service like NordVPN and connect its server to the United States. 

💳How do I get Hulu to work with NordVPN?

You can unblock Hulu with NordVPN by following these simple step by step instructions:

  1. Open NordVPN’s website and Sign up for a suitable subscription
  2. Download and launch the VPN app
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Sign in to Hulu and start enjoying!

❔Can I use free VPNs to unblock Hulu in the UK?

Hulu uses advanced anti-VPN technology to identify the use of VPNs. Therefore, its monitoring system is much reliable than streaming giant.

However, if you need to access Hulu without any interruption, you will need a premium VPN like NordVPN. 

Wrapping Up

Anyone who is a fan of Hulu videos but living outside the United States, they will need to Sign up for a premium service like NordVPN to unblock Hulu from anywhere!

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