How to Watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK

Last updated: August 5, 2022


True-crime fans who look forward to dark real-world true-crime stories will find Children of the Underground a must-watch. The FX show will make its debut on Hulu in mid-August. Sadly, Hulu offers its services in only a few locations, and the UK isn’t one of them. But relax; you’ll soon learn how to watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK.

FX is widely known for producing outstanding true-crime shows that audiences globally admire. Unfortunately, Hulu, which streams FX shows, only works in a few locations (primarily the US but Puerto Rico and some regions in Japan) to prevent licensing agreement violations.

Elsewhere, a VPN is necessary for viewers to set their virtual location to the UK and unlock Hulu. Therefore, selecting the right VPN client is critical, and we’ll share the only VPN service you should consider paying for and why.

And by reading on, you’ll also get to know ample details about Children of the Underground besides watching Hulu in UK.

But before jumping into all that, look at the simple but necessary steps that will allow you undisturbed access to the show.

Easy Steps: Watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK

To unlock FX’s Children of the Underground from your location in the UK, make sure you follow the following simple steps:

  • Get a premium VPN subscription (We suggest going for ExpressVPN to enjoy its unmatched security and mega-fast speed).
  • Create your ExpressVPN account and sign in through its widely available app.
  • Connect to a local US server.
  • Launch your Hulu app and watch Children of the Underground Season 1!

What is FX’s Children of the Underground series based on?

FX’s Children of the Underground series is based on the unique story of Faye Yager, a vigilante, and activist for victim rights responsible for creating a massive underground network in the United States for hiding and protecting numerous victims of spouse and child abuse in the late 1980s.

The show will explore whether or not Faye’s intentions with her activities were entirely pure. In addition, FX’s original docuseries will showcase her trial and the turbulent times during which the case happened, revealing the backlash from the financially influential people her actions adversely impacted.

When will Children of the Underground Series be on Hulu?

Children of the Underground docuseries release date on Hulu is the 13th of August, 2022. The show will be broadcast a day earlier on FX at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time. Interestingly, all of the episodes of the intriguing docuseries will run back-to-back on the channel, providing audiences the chance to binge-watch.

Is there any trailer for Children of the Underground documentary series?

Yes, the trailer of FX’s Children of the Underground Docuseriesis on FX Networks’ official YouTube channel. The trailer was released in mid-July.

The brief 42-second teaser promo begins with shots of a woman running frantically through the woods. Then Faye Yager appears, summarizing the actions that the show revolves around.

Watch the trailer here.

What is the Cast and Characters of FX’s Children of the Underground docuseries?

Since the show is reality-based, the Children of the Underground docuseries cast isn’t listed like regular shows, with the description only highlighting Faye Yager.

However, we know the names of the show’s two directors (Ted Gesing and Gabriela Cowperthwaite), who are also two of the show’s five producers.

How many episodes does Children of the Underground Season 1 have?

FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 will have five episodes. All the episodes will be released one after the other on the network on the 12th of August, 2022, with Hulu subscribers able to stream them the next day. The titles of the episodes are intriguing:

  1. The Escape
  2. The Underground
  3. Satanic Panic
  4. The Reckoning
  5. The Bounty

What else do we know about Children of the Underground docuseries on FX?

Apart from Faye’s on-the-surface virtuous attempts to rescue many women and children that will be covered on the show, we know there’s another, more sinister side to the story, with the FBI deeply investigating her actions.

The series explores Faye’s trial, revealing that the truth of her story was far more convoluted than people initially thought.

How Much Is FX on Hulu?

Pricing for FX on Hulu starts at only $6.99 per month. This low price is for the service’s basic tier and is affordable because it runs with ads, which yields additional revenue for the platform.

There is also a separate ad-supported student tier at just $1.99 per month. A more expensive subscription is available at $12.99 per month for viewers who wish to get rid of ads.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch FX’s Children of the Underground on Hulu in UK?

We need a VPN to watch FX’s Children of the Underground on Hulu in UK because of the platform’s efforts not to violate its ongoing licensing agreements, which restrict viewership primarily to the US and Japan.

With an effective VPN connection to a US-based server, your online identity becomes masked, and Hulu detects you as someone living in the States, allowing you to bypass its geo-blockage.

Why to Use ExpressVPN to Watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 in UK because the service is a blend of top-tier, military-level security, breakneck streaming speeds, extremely friendly and professional customer support, and excellent affordability.

All these powerful elements are worth exploring, so let’s dive in!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK

ExpressVPN offers a massive network of greater than 3000+ serves in over 94+ countries, and millions of subscribers trust the service.

In addition, its US-based servers exist in 23 separate locations, instantly giving subscribers quick access to the most rapid streaming experience.


ExpressVPN has ensured compatibility with almost all devices and operating systems, such as wireless routers, gaming consoles, Kindle, Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux.

And its MediaStreamer tool even allows devices that would otherwise automatically block VPNs to connect to the service (with prior IP registration on ExpressVPN’s site).

With ExpressVPN’s capability of running five of your devices simultaneously, sharing becomes convenient, allowing you to watch content like Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7, This FoolPassword,  Reservation Dogs Season 2, PreyAmerican Horror Stories Season 2, etc.

Moreover, you can minimize battery drainage and device slowdown by handpicking which applications connect through the VPN through a functionality termed Split Tunneling.

In addition, you’re consistently safeguarded from viruses and hackers by the service’s Threat Manager. You can also unblock Hulu exclusive titles like CMA Fest 2022, Killing Eve Season 4, Minamata, The Princess, Not Okay, Aftershock, etc.

You can go beyond Hulu to access many quality US-based streaming platforms, for example, ESPN+, US Netflix, Peacock, Paramount, HBO Max, and Disney+.

But these extensive, potent features don’t come at a heavy price, with the most popular yearly plan costing $6.67/mo, giving you a massive 35% discount compared to the monthly plan.


You can watch the Children of the Underground docuseries on Hulu on the 13th of August, one day after all five episodes are released back-to-back on FX.

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch FX’s Children of the Underground series in the UK because no legislation disallows VPN use in the country.

Yes, FX’s Children of the Underground series is based on the true story of Faye Yager.


If you’re a true-crime binge-watcher in the UK, Children of the Underground is tailor-made for you. So don’t let Hulu’s geo-blockages prevent you from accessing the show.

Instead, grab ExpressVPN’s supreme quality, highly affordable subscription today to watch FX’s Children of the Underground Season 1 on Hulu in UK.

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