How to Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK

Last updated: August 4, 2022


The Trolls are back dancing and singing their way through season 7, and the big news is that this is the last season of Trolls: TrollsTopia. The popular animated series will be streaming on Hulu in August with all-new episodes. Therefore, fans are wondering how to watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK, keep reading.

Hulu is the most popular streaming network for TV series and movies in the US. The launch of Disney Plus has placed Hulu in a peculiar position, as it is majority-owned by Disney.

However, Hulu continues to provide a distinctive service with exceptional original content such as Pam & Tommy and The Great. However, Hulu in UK is not available.

Hulu is restricted in various regions to prevent intellectual property theft and avoid copywriting matters. You may bypass Hulu’s geo-blocking mechanism by utilizing a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Here’s how it works :

Easy Steps: Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK

Follow the steps below to unlock Hulu in UK:

  • Register with a premium VPN service provider. (We suggest ExpressVPN).
  • Install the application on your favorite device after the download.
  • Sign in with your credentials and select an American server from the list.
  • Visit the Hulu website and watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK.

What is Trolls: TrollsTopia?

TrollsTopia is another fun chapter of the “hair-raising” adventures of the Trolls in the Trolls franchise. Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s popular animated features and executive produced by Matthew Ireland Beans (known for Robot Chicken (2001)).

It only takes a little collaboration, glitter, hugs, and fun to demonstrate that everything is possible in the kingdom of trolls. When Poppy discovers that there are five additional musically themed Trolls tribes strewn across the forest in the Trolls sequel Trolls: World Tour, everything is flipped on her head.

Now, armed with her never-ending optimism, she plans to invite delegates from the Country Western, Classical, Funk, Techno, and Hard Rock tribes to dwell in her village, forming a new Trolls metropolis and promoting friendship and cooperation in a major experiment she calls TrollsTopia!

Is there any trailer of Season 7 of TrollsTopia?

Yes, there is a trailer for Season 7. On August 11, 2022, Hulu will premiere the seventh and final season of Trolls: TrollsTopia. It will include seven episodes separated into fourteen segments.

Follow the link to watch the trailer for season 7:

How many Trolls movies are there?

Following is the list of all the movies and tv series in the Trolls franchise:

  • Trolls (2016): Movie; Directed by Mike Mitchell. Co-Directed by Walt Dohrn.
  • Trolls World Tour (2020): Movie; Directed by Walt Dohrn. Co-Directed by David P. Smith.
  • Trolls 3: Movie; To be released in November 2023.
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (January 2018 – November 2019): TV Series; 8 Seasons; 52 Episodes. Show Runners are Matthew Beans, Hannah Friedman, and Sam Friedman.
  • Trolls: TrollsTopia (November 2020 – August 2022): TV Series; 7 Seasons; 52 Episodes; produced by Matthew Beans.

What is the Cast and Characters of Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7?

Trolls: TrollsTopia’s main cast is as follows:

  • Amanda Leighton as Poppy
  • Sean T. Krishnan as Guy Diamond
  • Lauren C. Mayhew as Val Thundershock
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Smidge
  • JP Karliak as Dante Crescendo
  • Skylar Astin as Branch
  • Fryda Wolff as DJ Suki
  • Ron Funches as Cooper
  • Charles DeWayne as Demo
  • Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Lownote Jones

The series is executive produced by Matthew Ireland Beans.

What happened to Poppy’s mom in Trolls?

All this time Poppy had thought that her father had eaten her mother. In the second season, Branch organized a giant birthday celebration for Poppy.

During this party, King Gristle explained to Poppy that his father did not consume Poppy’s mother but instead left her free in the forest. Poppy was emotional upon hearing this and vowed to search for her alongside Branch.

Who is Queen Barb in Trolls?

Barb, also known by her given name Barbara, is the queen of the Rock Trolls and the daughter of Thrash. She first appeared in the Trolls franchise as the primary adversary in Trolls World Tour, but she changed her ways at the film’s end.

She has not yet appeared in Trolls: TrollsTopia, although she was mentioned in the episode TrollsTopia.

How many episodes does TrollsTopia Season 7 have?

There are seven episodes in season 7 segmented into two parts each. That makes a total of 14 episodes. Following are the titles of the episodes:

  • 1A: “A Life Less Score-dinary.”
  • 1B: “The Trolls-a-Thon.”
  • 2A: “Air Apparent.”
  • 2B: “Under New Management.”
  • 3A: “Give Me A Break.”
  • 3B: “Once Bitten, Twice Guy.”
  • 4A: “The Troublesome Trio.”
  • 4B: “Hide and Go Hug.”
  • 5A: “Funder Construction.”
  • 5B: “The Tech-less Breakfast.”
  • 6A: “The Farmer and the House.”
  • 6B: “Val Serves Murray Duty.”
  • 7A: “Gal Pal Getawaycation.”
  • 7B: “Troll Exchange Program.”

What else do we know about TrollsTopia Season 7?

Season 7 will conclude the series Trolls: TrollsTopia. It would start streaming on Peacock TV and HULU on August 11, 2022. We have discussed the top cast and episodes included in the 7th season.

We will post any additional updates or news on the seventh season of Trolls: TrollsTopia here.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK?

As discussed earlier, due to geo-blocks, you cannot watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK without a VPN. Geo-blocks and IP address bans are the primary reason why VPN service providers have recently grown in number.

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No. Season 7 is the finale season of Trolls: TrollsTopia.

There are a total of 7 seasons of Trolls: TrollsTopia.

Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 can be streamed on Peacock TV and Hulu starting from August 11.


Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially children, and The TrollsTopia Season 7 is just around the corner. However, if you live in or visit the UK, you will not be unable to access Hulu without a VPN.

To watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu in UK, use our recommended ExpressVPN.

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